Stream water quality and nutrient export in the Slapton Catchments

T. P. Burt, A. L. Heathwaite, Penny J. Johnes

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A weekly programme of water quality monitoring has been conducted by Slapton Ley Field Centre since 1970. Samples have been collected for the four main streams draining into Slapton Ley, from the Ley itself and from other sites within the catchment. On occasions, more frequent sampling has been undertaken during short-term research projects, usually in relation to nutrient export from the catchment. These water quality data, unparalleled in length for a series of small drainage basins in the British Isles, provide a unique resource for analysis of spatial and temporal variations in stream water quality within an agricultural area. Not surprisingly, given the eutrophic status of the Ley, most attention has focused on the nutrients nitrate and phosphate. A number of approaches to modelling nutrient loss have been attempted, including time series analysis and the application of nutrient export and physically-based models.
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Pages (from-to)613-627
Number of pages15
JournalField Studies
Publication statusPublished - 1996

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