Synthesis and physical behavior of amphiphilic dendrimers with layered organization of hydrophilic and hydrophobic blocks

Ignaty Leshchiner, Natalia Boiko, Jayant Kumar, Robert M. Richardson, Aziz Muzafarov, Valery Shibaev

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Amphiphilic carbosilane dendrimers with novel architectural layout have been synthesized. These dendrimers contain peripheral groups consisting of covalently bound promesogenic fragments and hydrophilic (oligoethyleneglycolic) linkages which are connected to a carbosilane core in two distinct ways: as spacer or as tail arrangement. Such molecules have a block structure where the hydrophilic and hydrophobic blocks are distributed within the dendrimer forming layers of different polarity. The hydrophilic layer is either enclosed between two hydrophobic parts of the molecule or is situated on the periphery. The synthetic strategy for achieving these structures is described. The interfacial properties of the dendrimers were studied and the influence of the dendritic structure's organization on the Langmuir film formation process is assessed.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Pages (from-to)927-936
Number of pages10
JournalColloid and Polymer Science
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2013


  • Dendrimer
  • Amphiphilic
  • Langmuir Blodgett
  • Thin films

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