The global geography of human subsistence

Michael C Gavin, Patrick H. Kavanagh, Hannah J. Haynie, Claire Bowern, Carol R. Ember, Russell D Gray, Fiona Jordan, Kathryn R. Kirby, Geoff Kushnick, Bobbi Low, Bruno Vilela, Carlos A. Botero

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GELTS: Towards an Integrated Understanding of Natural Resource Use and Management

Jordan, F. M., Gavin, M. C., Carlos, B., Low, B., Bowern, C., Kushnick, G., Kirby, K., Gray, R. D., Kavanagh, P. & Haynie, H.


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D-PLACE: Explaining cultural diversity: A new evolutionary synthesis

Jordan, F. M., Gavin, M., Gray, R. D. & Greenhill, S. J.


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