The Journal of the Marigold, 1654 (e-version)

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Transcription of a naval journal written in 1654 by the captain of the English Commonwealth ship, Marigold. The journal describes the ship's activities while convoying an English fishing fleet to Iceland during the summer of 1654. The transcription is accompanied by an introduction, notes, two maps and a glossary of place names mentioned in the text
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 19 Jun 2006

Bibliographical note

Additional information: The journal of the Marigold is due to be published in print format in 2009: Susan Rose (ed.), The Naval Miscellany, Vol. VII (Publications of the Navy Record Society, forthcoming, 2009). The printed version will be somewhat different from that published here, in that it will employ modern spelling and punctuation


  • Iceland fishery
  • naval history


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