Transport and deposition of particles in turbulent and laminar flow

A Guha

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This article reviews the physical processes responsible for the transport and deposition of particles and their theoretical modeling. Both laminar and turbulent processes are considered, emphasizing the physical understanding of the various transport mechanisms. State-of-the-art computational methods for determining particle motion and deposition are discussed, including stochastic Lagrangian particle tracking and a unified Eulerian advection-diffusion approach. The theory presented includes Brownian and turbulent diffusion, turbophoresis, thermophoresis, inertial impaction, gravitational settling, electrical forces, and the effects of surface roughness and particle interception. The article describes two example applications: the deposition of particles in the human respiratory tract and deposition in gas and steam turbines.
Translated title of the contributionTransport and deposition of particles in turbulent and laminar flow
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)311 - 341
Number of pages31
JournalAnnual Review of Fluid Mechanics
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2008

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