Two Italian Exhibitions: Rome Film Festival and Milan InVideo Festival

TR Flaxton

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The 1st of these exhibitions took part in Milan InVideo Festival in 2008 where I presented Blink (description of project below) (at least the work that was then finished as this is a 10 year project) and a year later in 2009 I went to the Rome Film Festival to present it in its then updated state. About 200 people in each presentation. I was also given a retrospective of my own work at both festivals where I exhibited the research work from my Fellowship. In 2005 I began an international Art and Charity project entitled Blink. I made a work, then asked the French artist Robert Cahen to respond. Each artist must be from a different country, with each work being no longer than 4 minutes. So far there are 15 internationally know artists from the Philippines, Malta, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, Norway and so on. The eventual aim is to have 30 works which are then presented for sale to collectors with all proceeds going to ‘El Refugio’, a children’s refuge in Lima, Peru. As this project has continued Standard Definition has given way to HD which has meant that the artworks themselves are in the process of changing to take account of the resolution change. Though Art Video is a 'slow' medium, the change to HD has been used by artists to simply gaze - within the works there is one that is simply one shot over 4 Minutes.
Translated title of the contributionTwo Italian Exhibitions: Rome Film Festival and Milan InVideo Festival
Original languageEnglish
Place of Publication Rome & Milan
Media of outputScreening
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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Medium: Digital Single Screen Artwork
Event title: Rome & Milan


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