Two-parameter sliding bifurcations of limit cycles in Filippov Systems

PS Kowalczyk, M di Bernardo

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This paper is concerned with the extension of the theory of sliding bifurcations in Filippov systems to the case of codimension-two degenerate sliding bifurcations. The analysis is carried out for generic n-dimensional piecewise smooth systems. The possible degenerate scenarios are classified and unfolded. It is shown that several branches of codimension-one sliding bifurcations originate from each of the degenerate codimension-two point. Such branches are appropriately classified. A friction oscillator is used as a representative example to illustrate and confirm the theoretical derivations.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 2003


  • sliding
  • grazing
  • piecewise smooth
  • bifurcation


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