Understanding and advancing the health of older populations in sub-Saharan Africa: Policy perspectives and evidence needs

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Background: Debate on policy challenges associated with the health of older populations in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has intensified in recent years, centering on a concern about older persons’ vulnerability to ill-health and their exclusion from health services. Despite international policy calls and formal expressions of commitment on the part of SSA governments, comprehensive policy action has remained scant. The impasse reflects a lack of political will and an uncertainty about required policy approaches, engendered by wide gaps in understanding of old age-related health in the region. Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to pinpoint major approaches and areas of evidence needed as a priority to overcome the impasse in policy on ageing and health in SSA. Methodology: A critical review of relevant SSA and international scientific, policy and development literature conducted as part of a research project on Dimensions and determinants of health in old age in Kenya and Nigeria: implications for policy. Results: Six major areas of evidence and a spectrum of approaches are required to (i) strengthen the case on why action on old age-related health should be pursued in the SSA setting and (ii) clarify what concrete forms such action should take. Conclusion: A systematic research endeavour on the six areas is needed to advance policy and practice on the health of older populations in SSA. If accompanied by an explicit international comparative perspective such research also has the potential to significantly advance scientific debate on ageing and health globally.
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