VizieR Online Data Catalog: Properties of the SUPER targets (Circosta+, 2018)

C. Circosta, V. Mainieri, P. Padovani, G. Lanzuisi, M. Salvato, C. M. Harrison, D. Kakkad, A. Puglisi, G. Vietri, G. Zamorani, C. Cicone, B. Husemann, C. Vignali, B. Balmaverde, M. Bischetti, A. Bongiorno, M. Brusa, S. Carniani, F. Civano, A. ComastriG. Cresci, C. Feruglio, F. Fiore, S. Fotopoulou, A. Karim, A. Lamastra, B. Magnelli, F. Mannucci, A. Marconi, A. Merloni, H. Netzer, M. Perna, E. Piconcelli, G. Rodighiero, E. Schinnerer, M. Schramm, A. Schulze, J. Silverman, L. Zappacosta

Research output: Other contribution


Properties of the 39 targets of the SUPER sample are presented. For each source, ID, coordinates, redshift, multi-wavelength photometric data, as well as the results of the SED-fitting and X-ray spectral analysis are given. (3 data files)....
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2018


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