Wideband analysis of indoor MIMO channels

DP McNamara, MA Beach, PN Fletcher

Research output: Working paper

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The application of MIMO communication systems in real environments will invariably require systems to operate over wideband channels. Although suitable techniques for processing wideband MIMO channels have been reported, their evaluation has mainly been based on simulation using modelled channels. In this paper we investigate some of the properties of wideband MIMO channels and compare the characteristics of simulated channels with those measured in indoor environments at 5.2GHz
Original languageEnglish
Pages13 p
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2002

Publication series

NameCOST 273
NameTD (02) 026

Bibliographical note

Additional information: A paper presented to the 3rd Management Committee Meeting of COST 273 : Towards Mobile Broadband Multimedia Networks, held in Guildford, UK, October 17-18, 2002

Sponsorship: The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial contribution of the UK EPSRC, HEFCE (JREI ’98), QinetiQ Ltd. and the IST SATURN project for their support of parts of this work

Contributor: European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (EURO-COST)


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