A formative perspective on language teaching and assessment: supporting young ethnic minority children in English primary classrooms

  • Oksana Afitska

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Over the last decade there has been an increased interest in investigation of assessment for learning. However, to date there are still very few studies that investigated assessment for language learning, or formative language assessment, focusing particularly on: (1) effects of formative assessment on learners' linguistic development and on teachers' teaching and lesson planning; (2) variables influencing the frequency and extent of effectiveness of formative assessment; (3) teachers' anc leamers' views on teacher feedback, learner peer- and self-assessment; and (4) and lulfilment of the requirements set in the official policy documents on effective teaching and assessment of leamers with EAL in real classrooms.
Date of Award2008
Original languageEnglish

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