A Mobile Learning Model for Clinical Learning in Hong Kong
: A Case Study

  • Yee Chong C Charm

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Education (EdD)


This dissertation reports on the experience of using mobile learning among different stakeholders during the clinical practicum in a local university in Hong Kong. It aims to explore a sustainable mobile learning model for clinical learning in Hong Kong.
A semi-structured interview guide based on the Framework for the Rational Analysis of Mobile Education (FRAME) model was used for the individual interviews to collect the opinions and experience on using mobile learning from the perspectives of nursing students, university staff and clinical tutors. Sixteen final year nursing students in two cohorts, two Clinical Tutors, two Clinical Course Coordinators, two Technical Support Staff and the Head of the Division of Nursing and Health Studies at a local university in Hong Kong participated in this study.
The rationales for the introduction of mobile learning from the university staff were explored. Core elements and factors affecting the use of mobile learning from the device (D) aspect, learner (L) aspect and social (S) aspect of the FRAME model were identified. Through the participants’ critiques and utilization of the mobile device, different intersections of the FRAME model were also verified. However, the important role of the university staff and the learning environment could not be reflected from the FRAME model. Applying critical and reflective thinking on the use of mobile learning was also essential, and this should also be indicated in the mobile learning model.
To conclude, mobile learning is applicable for the nursing students as a learning support intervention. In respect of the FRAME model, it partially covers mobile learning in the local clinical practicum context. With the information from the cognitive presence, teaching presence and social presence of the Community of Inquiry Framework (CoI), it supplemented with the FRAME model in facilitating clinical learning in Hong Kong.
Date of Award23 Jun 2020
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Bristol
SupervisorHelen Manchester (Supervisor)

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