School counselling in Malaysia : a narrative ethnography

  • Nurul Ain Mohd Daud

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)


This research examined the influence of cultural values on the acceptability of counselling for students in a Malaysian secondary school. Existing research which was largely quantitative suggested that students from Malay, Chinese and Indian cultural backgrounds would have divergent responses to school counselling. This qualitative research using narrative ethnographic approach sought to understand these interactions in greater depth. The study focused on one large urban secondary school with students from a range of cultural backgrounds. The researcher actively involved herself in the provision of counselling in order to conduct this study which engaged fifty seven pupils and staff in contributing narrative alongside observations of collective behaviours. The analysis was informed by the constant comparative method, a constructivist development of grounded theory. The findings in this particular study substantially contradicted the expectation that cultural diversity was a significant factor in the acceptability of counselling. In this school, systemic issues, particularly the relationship between counselling and other systems within the school was of paramount significance. In view of the findings, several implications and recommendations for understanding counselling services within the school system were put forward.
Date of Award2011
Original languageEnglish

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