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Dr Chrissy L HammondMBiochem(Oxon.), PhD(Lond.)

Research Fellow

Chrissy Hammond

Dr Chrissy L HammondMBiochem(Oxon.), PhD(Lond.)

Research Fellow

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Research interests

My research focuses on the regulation of cartilage and bone homeostasis in development and in disease, particularly osteoarthritis. I use the zebrafish as a model because it combines excellent genetics with beautiful imaging possibilities, which allow us to study the development of the skeletal system dynamically in vivo.

We have a number of projects running, including pilot experiments on the affects of gravity on the zebrafish skeletal system (with experiments to be run in hypergravity at the European Space Centre and in microgravity on the International Space Station.

We are characterising zebrafish mutants that we have generated carrying mutations to genes known to increase human susceptibility to osteoarthritis.

We are characterising zebrafish models of Stickler syndrome



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Postal address:
Biomedical Sciences Building
University Walk
United Kingdom