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Dr Ed AtkinsBAHons(Kent), MA(Kent), MRes(Bristol)

Teaching Fellow

Ed Atkins

Dr Ed AtkinsBAHons(Kent), MA(Kent), MRes(Bristol)

Teaching Fellow

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Research interests

My research is based on the contested character of environmental policy, politics and governance. This currently moves across three interrelated themes: the contentious politics of hydropower, the role of these hydroelectric projects in contemporary sustainable development agendas, and the potential role of alternatives to development in environmental policy.

This research draws from the field of political ecology and work on the post-political to explore how current notions of sustainability and the paradigm of sustainable development can be re-politicised - and filled with a more inclusive meaning.

In exploring this topic, I have grown particularly interested in the concept of 'contested sustainabilities', in which the ambiguity of contemporary notions of sustainability have given rise to divergent - and, at times, conflicting pathways of sustainable development.

Having conducted an interdisciplinary PhD, I am committed to engaging in work that sits across traditional academic disciplines - drawing on my educational background in History, International Relations and International Law, and now Human and Political Geography.

Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Global Political Economy
  • Cabot Institute Low Carbon Energy Research
  • Cabot Institute Water Research
  • Cabot Institute Environmental Change Research

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United Kingdom