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Professor Michael RF LeeBSc (Hons), PhD, PGCTHE

Professor of Sustainable Livestock Systems

Michael Lee

Professor Michael RF LeeBSc (Hons), PhD, PGCTHE

Professor of Sustainable Livestock Systems

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Head of Site and Department, Rothamsted Research

1 Mar 20151 Mar 2022

Research interests


We are at a crucial time for livestock agriculture where we need to maximise production and minimise pollution, but great care must be taken when assessing systems due to the complexity of the algorithm required for sustainable intensification. Justification of intense production solely on the grounds of carbon can raise serious ethical and product quality issues. Clearly there is a role for ruminants to utilise feed that humans cannot consume to produce high value protein that they can. However pastoral intensification has its associated risks as with feedlot intensification such as water and air pollution, soil erosion and reduced productivity.

My research interests are to maximise livestock production efficiency through the most suitable feeding systems and animal genetics at a global scale. I am passionate about pastoral agriculture and seek systems which maximise production of high quality animal products from healthy happy animals.


Currrent Research Projects


  • Bovine mycotoxicosis - a metabonomic approach - BBSRC
  • Sustainable Intensification Platform - DEFRA
  • Global Farm Platform - GII
  • Ensuring sustainable and responsible production of healthy food from healthy animals - WUN
  • Intensive pastoral production systems for beef - impact and value - EBLEX
  • Development of silage inoculants to improve mineral composition of animal products - TSB
  • North Wyke Farm Platform Livestock Research - BBSRC


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Dolberry Building
United Kingdom