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Dr Valeska TingBScTech, PhD


External positions

Lecturer/Prize Fellow in Smart Nanomaterials, University of Bath


Research interests

Dr Valeska Ting is a Reader in Smart Nanomaterials in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and has a background in materials synthesis, characterisation and physical properties testing. She heads the Functional Nanoporous Materials research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which is interested in using porous materials such as zeolites, porous carbons and metal-organic framework materials to address challenges in sustainable technologies. The group is currently interested in exploring the possibility of enhancing the storage capacity of existing nanoporous hydrogen storage materials, creating materials for selective storage and sequestration of gases such as carbon dioxide and designing multifunctional materials by combining properties of different sets of materials to produce hybrid systems that can perform several specialised functions.

The group employs a large range of experimental materials characterization techniques including X-ray and neutron diffraction, electron microscopy, thermogravimetric and spectroscopic analysis, gas sorption testing and physical properties testing for design and development of new materials-based solutions.

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Postal address:
Queen's Building
University Walk
United Kingdom